The team of Leonidas PRJMA is currently in charge of accounting and related activities of 30 French and 110 German companies. From payment transactions to bookkeeping and to preparation of the annual account statements together with the respective tax advisors, we are a one-stop provider for a wide range of services. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, we work quickly and diligently on your cross-border accounting.

Leonidas PRJMA provides you with a dedicated team of accounting professionals to suit your business needs.


  • Check of receipts according to the rules of orderly bookkeeping (GoB)
  • Digital archiving of receipts
  • Booking and account assignment of current business transactions in accordance with statutory regulations
  • Registration of business transactions
  • Processing of payment transactions
  • Registration of data for the purposes of computerized accounting and account assignment
  • Selection of accounting systems and financial accounting software for account assignment
  • Technical compilation of figures for the financial statements and economic analysis (BWA) of the data in the form of key data
  • Provision of accounts receivable and payable lists based on financial accounting
  • Processing of outstanding receivables based on financial accounting;
  • Dunning
  • Organization of cash management
  • Implementation of payroll accounting, asset accounting and travel expense accounting


  • Taking over the accounting for French and Italian companies for our clients in coordination with the tax advisors based abroad
  • Digitalization of all documentary of accounting and transactions while using specific software and our secured Cloud for data transfer to tax advisors
  • Information to external tax advisors about investments into operating assets and affiliated companies based in France and Italy
  • Handling of permanent business establishments, accounting and account assignment of current business transactions and coordination with the tax advisors to produce the annual account statements
  • Department for international business: working with foreign companies and external tax advisors
  • We already work with companies located in France and Italy; for that reason our activity includes working with tax advisors based abroad to a large degree
  • We communicate with the latter in French and English


    close to Nuremberg



    After studying economics and an auditor training, Ralf Schamberger worked as an executive for various banks in Germany. His activities focused on advising and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and on financing projects. Prior to joining Leonidas Associates AG, he was responsible for corporate clients at Raiffeisenbank in Fürth (Bavaria).


    Petra Hofmann is a qualified accounting professional and is working in the field for 20 years with a specialization in annual financial statements. Prior to joining Leonidas Associates in 2013, Petra Hoffman worked as a team leader in a real estate investment company. She is now part of the management team of Leonidas PRJMA and oversees a team of eight workers.